Online Think Tank Considers Water Retention in Drought Ridden Areas

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What is the value of an Online Think Tank if they cannot come up with relevant ideas, concepts and plans to solve the problems or challenges which plague mankind? Well as one online think tanker put it the other day; We are of no value at all.
Hello All, my name is Lance Winslow and I am indeed the coordinator for the online think tank.
We are a group of gentleman who have not turned off our minds and we work hard to tackle the dilemmas of our time.
Recently, an Ohio Thinker, Clarence Shellito, considered ways that communities which had issues with water retention and/or drought might use combat these situations.
His thinking was they needed a low cost or no cost plan of attack and the strategy was as simple as collecting rocks; 1.
Determine the effective size for a single rock pile.
Figure out where the rocks are.
Make the rocks into money (sort of).
Dig the underlying channels little by little and lay the terra cotta drain tiles.
Pile the rocks as they come in one by one, with that critical gap for condensation.
Watch people go nuts over having water when the rock pile is built.
Watch other people go crazy because the first group of people have water.
Other think tankers loved the idea for its simplicity and easy implementation and I personally have no problem with Clarence's retention basin rock pile concept.
After all this is how French Leachlines are made for gray water over flow.
A great article in June 2005 of Professional Builder's Magazine about a Wisconsin Home Builder who did this to catch the water, allow it to flow into the ground water without wasting it, proved that it works even on a small individual household scale.
The water came right off the house's rain gutters into this simple system, just like you describe.
Perfect to prevent droughts and catch run off.
Rather than let it flow away and then need it come summer.
This could be done for entire villiages, towns, cities or impoverished nations.
I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought.
The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007.
I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.
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