Make Your Blog Your Paid For Life Money Maker

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If you told someone that you blog for a full time income 10 years ago, you might be called ridiculous.
However, if you say the same thing today, people wants to know how exactly you do that.
The Internet has greatly change the way we live our life.
Working from the comfort of your own room might sounds impossible 10 years ago but today, the Internet made it all possible.
Blogging has evolve into a great way of communication as well.
And if you want to transform your blog into a source of income, it might be more easier than you thought.
You do not need to have Einstein's IQ to be honest.
Anybody with an average intelligence, the willingness to work hard and some discipline will stand a good chance at succeeding in turning their blog into a profit machine.
However, many first time blogger still fail at making money out of their blog.
From what I observe through my experience, most of these bloggers who attempt to monetize their blog fail because of two main reasons.
The very first reason being that they often set an expectation that is too high and impossible for their level of experience.
The next moment, they find themselves struggling to achieve the goal.
The moment they realise that the goal is unachievable, they quit.
Because the expectation is so high that it is impossible to achieve, that definitely bring them down the road of failure.
And when we fail at something, we will naturally think that "I'm just not cut out for this" or "this doesn't really work at all".
It is good to have big goals, but understand that big goals usually needs a longer time and bigger plans in order to accomplish them.
If you are aiming too high for your level of experience on blogging or making money online, I would encourage you to lower your goal to something realistic.
Setting your goal to something that is within a realistic and reachable range will keep you motivated when you achieve what you set out to do.
That will also keep you going in the long run.
The other reason that bloggers who wants to monetize their blog fail is, they spend too much time on writing blog post for their site.
Now, How can that be bad thing? Well, although it is good to keep your blog regularly updated with fresh and juicy contents, it is also important to spend time spreading the words about your blog.
In other words, do some marketing for your blog! Your blog won't market itself.
One of the vital factor to running a successful blog is to have a large readership.
The bigger your readership, the higher the advertisers will pay to advertise, the more your AdSense earning and so on.
And to gain more readership, you have to market your blog.
To market your blog to gain more readership, you can simply submit it to the thousands of social 2.
0 websites available.
You don't have to submit to all of them, but choose a few good ones that has good amount of traffic and spend some time marketing your blog on those site.
With hundreds and thousands of blog popping up each day, a catchy or interesting writing style is no longer enough to gain attention for a large readership.
You need to learn how to market yourself and your blog.
Lots of beginner bloggers make the mistake of burying their head into creating the best contents for their blog and not spending enough time on marketing their blog.
Marketing your blog is as important as having lean mean contents on your page.
If you are new to blogging for money, do take the advice I gave you and I wish you luck in your venture! Learn more quick tips and tricks on how to make money and get rich online here!
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