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The "supreme" law of our land, is a severely defective document in many areas.
It could never win approval in a faith based society.
It was drafted and marketed by a faith averse body of self interested men, we accurately call our founding fathers.
The first offense of note is the self proclamation of supremacy.
How does a conclave of obviously inferior men write supreme law, while refusing to open their daily proceedings with prayer? They don't create supremacy of any sort, but do not hesitate to proclaim it so in the text of their own creation.
Am I the only one troubled by a long history of political arrogance that persists into a new age? The common does not become superior by convocation, proclamation or repetition.
The "supreme" law forbids cruel and unusual punishment.
A faith based society would disallow cruel punishment altogether and allow unusual punishments which could be far superior to traditionally cruel ones.
No crueler punishment than imprisonment was ever devised by mankind.
Isolate people from society, strip them of their dignity.
Make them dependent as children on people hostile to them by the nature of continuous survival - security needs of all who live under these conditions.
When they have learned to survive in a more threatening environment than the ones most came from, they are turned loose, destitute, without bankroll or economic and social skills.
No social support and a record to deter most employers.
It is like domesticating an eagle for years and then turning it loose.
Good luck birdie! A convenience society sweeps the problems and criminals it creates under the rug, thinks itself superior and locks people in cages regardless of the crime.
No victim restitution, no family support, no good thing at all.
Anti social behavior is to be met with radical, cruel anti social punishment - one size fits all.
Look into America's prison and "just us" systems.
You will know what a cruel joke the cry of faith and family is in America today.
When society disables a person by locking her in a cage, it acquires the responsibilities the free person had committed to and society has made impossible for that person to fulfill.
Society also becomes responsible for a prisoner's well being, healing and rehabilitation.
To simply release wizened, often sickened criminals without resources is to beg them to reoffend.
A vicious cycle is created.
This is the most careless and unloving behavior toward our neighbors.
Who should pat us on the back and say, "well done thou good and faithful servant"? Universal imprisonment will forever be bad social medicine.
Because we have accepted the outrageous economic cost of convenience justice, no one dares calculate the social costs.
Most anti social behavior comes from growing up in anti social environments.
If I am anti social, there is an excellent chance I will produce anti social children.
A loving society would choose to break the cycle.
A selfish, short sighted society will never take responsibility for anything.
What punishment does justice demand for the likes of us?
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