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Maintaining good health is as important as one keeping his life. To prevent poor health is not only by eating good and nutritious food. It goes more than that. In this article, you will discover another means of good health formation. Start practicing good habits, you will discover your chances of staying healthier.

Do you know that bad mood and negative thought can kill your health ? You're not going to see gray hair in the mirror, if you think negatively. So, what on earth to live a boring life if you can make your outlook youthful, be happy, go out young and always get yourself connected with people that can cheer you. There is nothing to worry about!

If you risk your life getting angry, your blood will more likely to flow very slowly and you may wonder why you suddenly have tumors developed in your body. It's a fact that getting angry will lead you to get tumors easily. Specifically, bad mood and negative thought will greatly influence your health.

Nevertheless, laughing is a natural booster that does you good health. By involving yourself into a good belly laugh on a regular basis, your immunological system will be strengthened. A good and enhanced immune system will definitely lead you to a state of physical and mental comfort.

In contrary, a vulnerable immune system causes you sick, discomfort, pain and angry. Therefore, one should always practise a good mood and positive  thought at all times and in places by constantly feeling happy, gratitude, appreciation and admiration to God. Here, I'll share with you a "good cheer method" to make you feel happier with every chuckle to help your body stays in an optimum health.

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit (bad mood) drieth the bones." Says the Holy Writ. Apply the following appropriately and correctly in a sequence. Making it a daily habit, can make a better health for you.

Now, recall a sweet memory that make you feel great, happy and satisfy in your life. Laugh as loud as you could (but not too hard, remember that moderation is important) for as many as 5 times: Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!
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