Is He Into Me - Top Signs to Know If a Man"s Attracted to You

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Is he into me? Unless you're Angelina Jolie, this is a question every woman struggles with at one point in time.
Now, let's say you're out and you find a guy you're attracted to.
You end up asking yourself the same question again.
Is he into me? You'll know the answer to that with the tips below.
Is he into me if he made the first move? Did he end up trying to sell something to you? Was he dared to do so? Had a mutual acquaintance insisted that he approach you just so you won't feel bad about feeling alone? Did he turn out to be a missionary who's interested in saving your soul? If you answer NO to all the questions above then you can smile now.
He's definitely into you.
Is he into me if I've caught him staring at me too many times? Are you sure he's really looking at you and not at your glamorous-looking best friend? Are you certain he's not gay? Try to check your reflection as discreetly as you can.
It could be that he's staring at you but not for the reasons you may have hoped.
Maybe you have something on your face or your hair's a total mess and nobody had been inclined to tell you about it.
Lastly, make sure that he's not doing the same thing with other girls in the room.
It could be he's a serial flirt and he's just waiting for the first girl to give him a sign.
If he's looking at you and you alone then yes, he's absolutely into you.
Is he into me if he does certain things for me that he doesn't do for other girls? In most cases, the answer would be an instant YES.
You could be concerned however if the only reason he treats you in a different manner is because he thinks of you as his best friend or little sister.
That naturally makes you special but not in the way you want to.
If this is the only sign you're counting on to prove that a guy likes you, a little bit of experimenting is called for.
In this case, you'll need him to see you with other guys.
Check out how he reacts while keeping in mind the last tip below.
Is he into me if he seems irritated or uncomfortable when other guys are around me? This is the most delicious situation to be in, but again you have to be careful and consider several other things.
Firstly, are the other guys pretty decent? If one of them is drunk or acting a little too frisky or obnoxious, it could be that the guy you like just happens to feel concerned about your safety.
If that's the case, he may be acting out of brotherly concern and not in a possessive manner.
But if the other guys are decent and yet the guy you like still acts irritated or, at the very least, uncomfortable then that's just about the clearest sign you can ask for.
He's into you so now it's time to let him know you're into him, too.
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