How to Replace the Brakes on a 2006 Ford Truck

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    • 1). Loosen all of the lug nuts 1 ½ turns counterclockwise with the tire iron. Set the wood blocks in front of the tires you will not be removing.

    • 2). Place the floor jack underneath the axle of the truck. Raise the vehicle until the tire is at least 2 inches off the ground. Place the jack stands underneath the same axle and remove the tire and the lug nuts.

    • 3). Remove the bottom bolt on the brake caliper mounting bracket with the socket wrench. The mounting bracket is the crescent-shaped metal bracket on the rotor, directly behind the wheel. Hang the bottom half in the wheelwell with the rope to prevent any strain on the brake line.

    • 4). Remove the brake pads from the mounting bracket by pulling them out.

    • 5). Compress the brake caliper cylinder (the cylinder in the center of the mounting bracket) by clamping the C-clamp onto it. Set the stationary end against the back of the mounting bracket and put the movable end against the cylinder. Compress the cylinder until it is flush with the mounting bracket.

    • 6). Install the new brake pads by setting them into the slots where the old ones were.

    • 7). Tighten the bottom bolt on the mounting bracket so that it is attached to the rotor. Set the wheel back on the car and lower the vehicle. Tighten all of the lug nuts with the tire iron.

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