Is the Lottery a Tax on the Poor?

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In the summer of 2008 I analyzed what sort of people play the lottery.
To learn more, I also spoke with hundreds of occasional people.
Around 69 % of adults play the lottery as a matter of usual practice.
82 % of people play the lottery from time to time.
I found a considerable evidence that those with lower incomes are more likely to play with little or no deviation.
I am not going now to jump from A to Z literature review.
It is not the time and not the place.
But I want rather to add my tear down to the oceanus of their tears.
To think about lotto as the solution for your financial discomfort may be a fashion trend but in any case, it is not the practical direction and not the best orientation.
What they do is the opposite attitude one must have in a depressed economy needs.
But also what the governments make is completely different, diametrically opposed and antithetical sign of a healthy economic stimulus.
Unless you are new on the planet called earth, you may have noticed that the uncertainty is an unavoidable feature of lotto game and you may not have fully understood how this game works.
And who is here the boss.
I want you to consider what I am saying now as the basic truth.
Lotto game is the best business of governments.
And they have a strategic plan for you to focus in the future maintaining your hope alive while they manipulate money of naive people like you.
It is an ending flow of propaganda to make the naive people to believe that no one can have control over the lotto process and they can only to hope that will win the lottery somehow, somewhere just by chance.
And the naive people believe them automatically.
The governments have created a monopoly on the lotteries and then they built the great taxes into the price of lotto tickets.
After that they are advertising the lotteries as a recreational activity rather than their market.
Remember this, the lottery tax is a hidden tax and that is why the naive people are unskilled to calculate it and unpretentious to feel it.
If the money of 99 % losers at lotto can to build schools, take us to the Mars or clean the Gulf of Mexico, know you that this is not the point.
The point is that the officials of lotto hurt the poor as well as all the naive people that play lotto in the hope to become rich overnight..
Nevertheless I make a peace sign with my fingers because the lottery may be a form of amusement for stressed people if they will play outside of dreamland, just for their entertainment.
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