Examining the Egg Chair

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As the saying goes, the fashion world revolves in circles and this can easily be detected in the UK where the fashion patterns of the 80's have resurfaced.
We can deduce this in the reappearance of the hyper colored t-shirts and loose-fitting jackets which were all too common in the nineties.
These have nevertheless made an impressive fashion statement.
The same way this has happened with garments, is the same way trends have progressed in interior design furniture.
While in furniture they have been somewhat less predictable, this has not been by much.
Back in the 60s, furniture was more or less inspired by minimalistic designs.
Things have since changed as we see with carpets which have now been replaced by floors that had bare boards.
The conventional chairs that were very popular have given way to sculpted modern plastics.
Likewise, sharper-angled chairs now have taken the place of soft edges.
Some of these trends however, have been diminishing and we have seen a resurgence of vintage furniture.
One great iconic furniture style that has resurfaced is the Egg chair.
This is a not an entirely new design and was very much alive and well back in 1958, Arne Jacobsen, Denmark's innovative designer embarked on the project.
The egg shape chair was a move to remodel and renovate the Royal SAS Hotel in downtown Copenhagen, a project that he took particular pride in.
This was meticulous project which involved precision fitting; Arne thus produced the masterpiece that we have come to recognize as the egg sphere chair.
It includes the legendary furniture designs such as the Drop chair, Swan Chair and, of course, all-famous the Egg chair.
Arne Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen in 1902.
His place as the undisputed king of furniture design in his native Denmark has remained unchallenged.
His works include the some groundbreaking architecture and furniture design in 1950s which have since gone on to become furniture icons.
Arne cut his teeth in the housing and school projects in Denmark before setting his sights on designing one of his most famous products, the Ant chair back in '51.
This chair was photographed being straddled by Christine Keeler.
Later, the Egg chair and Swan chairs were released to the world and went on to become this century's most famous chairs.
Today, the egg shaped chair has become just as popular as it was back in the 60s.
Denmark also remains the world's largest manufacturer and the company Fritz Hansen has become synonymous with this furniture icon.
The design has also remained original and consistent over the years, earning the company a loyal fan base.
That explains why the initial chair design remains almost identical in posture to the 1950's prototype.
Naturally, as with other notable inventions, the chair inspired an entire generation of identical-looking designs.
Some of these include the Ball Chair, the Pastil Chair and the Bubble Chair all of which can be said to have drawn their inspiration from Arne's egg chair.
The influence of the egg chair can still be witnessed to this day.
One good example is the Retro swivel chair seen in many nightclubs, bars, hotels and even private homes throughout the country.
It also draws its appearance and look to the work of Arne Jacobson.
Then the famous figure-hugging tub chairs, clearly a relic of the 50s era, have resumed popularity in many hotels around the world.
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