Golf Confidence - How to Develop a Calm, Confident & Consistent Golf Game

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Isn't it ironic that the more you try to perform with swing thoughts in an attempt to play better and improve your confidence, the worse you play and dent your confidence even further? It is always better to play with more freedom than swing thoughts.
The more you weight this toward freedom and the less to swing thoughts, the better you will perform.
The better you perform, the more confident you feel.
Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, no matter how great your natural talent.
- Jack Nicklaus
If I said to you "Calm, Confident, Consistent Golf".
Would you like to play golf with Calm and Managed emotions and the Confidence that you will play each shot well and do that Consistently every time you play? Would that be good? If you could do that do you think you would Win more, be Proud of your game and Enjoy golf more? Certainly if you cannot control your emotions on the course, remain calm especially in the face of adversity from opponents, bad bounces, a poor swing, annoying distractions then you will not play your best golf.
If you cannot manage your thoughts and emotions coming down the winning stretch then you will lose.
If you cannot manage yourself after a poor start then you will not recover.
Your best golf is going to come from your head not your muscles.
Now I am not saying that you should not try to improve the bio mechanical technique of a swing, pitch, chip or putt because I know that golf is a game of both confidence and competency.
The more confident you are and the better your physical technique, the better you will become.
Having said that if you take a player who has perfect mechanics and mess with their thinking, emotions, self image or confidence, then you will no longer have a good player.
In fact the player with inferior swing mechanics and a Good Mental Game will invariably triumph over a player with no control over their thinking and emotions.
The mind and body are connected intimately and function as one.
You simply cannot separate mechanics from the mind.
After all, it is the mind that controls your muscles not the other way around.
This is why discussing muscle memory is such non-sense.
Your muscles have as much chance of remembering your swing as the shirt you are playing in.
It is your mind, a brain program of neural pathways which controls your swing movement.
It is from this attitude of training the mind that good swing mechanics come faster and more efficiently than trying to consciously control movement.
It is by training the mind and body together that Accelerated Learning comes and then Peak Performance follows as you allow the mind-body perform without conscious interruption or control.
Use your brain for a change if you want to learn the fastest way to improve both Swing Mechanics and on course performance.
Do you want more consistency? MIND the way you Learn.
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