Do I Need a Business Degree for Fashion Clothing Line?

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    Business Degree in Fashion

    • Employment in the fashion design industry usually requires an individual to own a fashion design degree, but many fashion students decide to earn a second degree in business as well. These students are mainly fashion designers who are looking to open their own fashion retail stores or start their own boutique clothing line. Other popular degree choices for students pursuing a career in the fashion industry include marketing or fashion merchandising.


    • A course of study toward a fashion design degree will teach a student about designing techniques, fashion trends and differences in fabric. Coursework in fashion design programs typically includes color theory, pattern making, fashion history, computer-aided design and tailoring. Business programs with a focus on the fashion industry will teach a student proper business administration and marketing techniques for a fashion line as well as analysis of market trends for consumers and fashion buyers.


    • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that fashion designers working in America earned an average annual salary of $74,440 per year, or $35.79 per hour, as of May 2010. Salaries for fashion designers in entry-level positions are much lower; federal statistics indicate that the lowest 10 percent of wage-earning fashion designers took home a 2010 salary of $32,500 per year or less. Although salaried employment is more stable, self-employed fashion designers starting their own clothing line can earn well over $100,000 with a little market success.

    Starting a Clothing Line

    • Starting a clothing line begins with a clear vision of what type of clothing you want to create and market. Styles can run from casual to formal, and focusing on just a few clothing items, such as shirts and blouses, can help your business stay focused. Researching the fashion market for this style of clothing is necessary to draft a business plan and can help you identify the profitability of your fashion line. Aside from the materials necessary to create your fashion items, you will need computer-aided design software to create clothing designs as well as a facility to assemble fabrics into clothing.

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