Installation Instructions for Plantation Blinds

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    • 1). Measure your windows to determine the size of the plantation blinds. Purchase the plantation blinds and the installation kit.

    • 2). Install the hinges on the shutter panels according to the instructions from the manual. Use the screws from the installation kit and a flat head screwdriver to screw the hinges to the shutter panels. Usually the hinges are about 3 inches from the top and the bottom of the panels. Check that the hinges on both panels are completely level, then tighten the screws in the hinges.

    • 3). Hold the shutters against the window, and center the frame of the shutters to the window opening.

    • 4). Open the brackets of the shutters and have someone else hold the shutters against the wall.

    • 5). Mark the position of the screws in the brackets on the wall with a pencil. Use a tape measure to measure the same place on the other side of the window opening. Mark this measurement on the wall as well. Drill the holes for the screws on the wall using a power drill. Then screw the brackets onto the wall.

    • 6). Slide the mounting rail into the bracket hinge you just mounted. Attach the retaining clips that hold the rail in place.

    • 7). Position the shutter in place. Place the screws in the hinges and let the whole shutter panel hang. Make sure that the shutters are level before tightening the screws. Position and screw the other side of the shutter panel as well if you have a two-part shutter.

    • 8). Install the magnetic catches on the windowsill. Mount the magnetic catches onto the windowsill with the screws provided in the installation kit.

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