You Can Avoid Getting The Flu or Colds

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The immune system of the human body was designed to easily prevent it from getting colds or the flu.
But when the body gets loaded with toxins, the immune system is weaker.
Then the person can get colds or the flu or more serious diseases like cancer.
Americans have a tendency to not get enough sleep and to eat too much food.
By eating more food, the body is ingesting more toxins.
A food like chocolate cake has more toxins than a food like an orange.
While sleeping the body can get rid of toxins at a much faster rate.
Now if you wonder if someone can have a problem with toxins then just watch Dr.
Phil on TV.
If he has someone on the show with a problem of chronic anger, he says that the first thing that needs to be done is for the person to get a heavy metal toxicity test.
If you were to mention to someone that maybe they should fast to assist their body in getting rid of toxins, they may say that they believe that fasting is bad for health.
Then you can ask them if they sleep every night.
If they say that they do, then you can tell them that they are actually fasting everyday.
When people sleep, they are not eating and that is what fasting is.
When you stop fasting, it is called breaking the fast.
The first meal of the day is called "break-fast.
" If you have a bad flu, are you eating lots of food and too busy to get enough sleep? No! You are then getting plenty of sleep and eating less food.
Then your immune system gets stronger and your cold or flu goes away.
The way to accelerate this healing is to not eat (fast), drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest and sleep.
Mark Twain said that he got over the flu or cold quickly by fasting.
Now in warmer weather, you sweat more and that gets rid of toxins faster.
In warmer weather, you get more vitamin D from sunlight.
Joe Prendergast M.
says that if you get enough vitamin D, it makes your immune system strength increase by 3 to 5 times.
They have learned that vitamin D helps your body to get rid of toxins.
This is how vitamin D can also help one to avoid getting cancer.
So what is important is not trying to always avoid coming in contact with the flu.
The CDC suggests that people wash their hands often.
But people do this and they still get sick.
What is important is increasing the strength of your immune system so you do not need to get sick.
With a stronger immune system, it can help your body to fight off other diseases like cancer.
The way to strengthen the immune system is by having less toxins in the body.
So how do you do that? Make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D from sunlight or supplements.
They have learned that vitamin D helps the body to get rid of toxins.
This is how vitamin D can help people to avoid getting cancer or autism.
Of course with autism it is important for the pregnant mother and baby to get enough vitamin D.
Both cancer and autism have been linked to excessive toxins in the body.
If you sunbathe to get more vitamin D, it increases sweating that helps the body to expel toxins.
Exercise helps circulation and increases sweating so this is good for the immune system.
People tend to get more exercise when the weather is warmer.
People can also take hot baths or use the sauna to help the body to sweat more.
Also more sleep helps the body to expel toxins that makes the immune system stronger.
Recent research shows that the brain gets rid of a lot of toxins during sleep including toxins that can lead to dementia or Alzheimer's disease.
For more on this see: How to Avoid Colds or the Flu.
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