Is kissing dangerous???

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1. Kissing helps you to reduce your body weight.

Long kiss makes your metabolism burn sugar faster than usual. More detailed calculation is: a normal kiss burns 9 calories. That means you need 389 times of kissing to lose your body weight significantly.

2. A kiss will not transmit the influenza virus.

Our mouth contains natural defenses, such as antibodies and enzymes.  It's difficult for the influenza virus to survive and build up their kingdom in the oral cavity. Rhinovirus, the germs that cause most colds, will be happier living in our hands and nose, said Gary Munk, director of clinical virology department at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, unless you are rubbing your nose while kissing or holding hands, then wiping noses. Kissing is safe, except you or your lover had a cold.

3. Kissing helps to prevent tooth decay.

After eating, our mouths are filled with sugar solution and acidic saliva, which causes the formation of dental plaque. Kissing can be a natural cleansing process, said Dr. Peter G orden, Dental Advisor at the British Dental Association. "Kissing encourages the saliva flow and reduce the plaque to the normal level," he continued. To be comfortable while kissing, you should prepare a fresh and fragrant oral cavity with dental products.

4. Kissing can slow the aging process in the face.

Kissing activity can make the cheek muscle moved. With such training will make the cheek is not easy to loose, "said Potter. Make sure you kiss your own spouse because if you kiss your friend's spouse, it could be, your kissing activity become a problem that will make you depressed.

5. Kissing improve your fitness.

When kissing, our heart is pumped. If it feels good then we release adrenaline into the bloodstream, so the heart pumps more blood throughout the body," said Dr. Susan Hotchkies. It's very pleased to kiss someone who we admire greatly and could be, you will remember this moment throughout your life. Do not let your kissing activity is broken only by a problem of bad breath, make sure you have prepared your oral cavity as comfortable as possible to be kissed by performing regular maintenance using dental supplies.

6. Kissing can reduce nervous tension.

 According to stress consultant, Michelle Kay McNabb, kissing can reduce nervous tension. A passionate kiss is one powerful relaxation techniques. "When we are kissing, it can be ensured that when we're smiling because our emotions have a very close relation with our body language. While kissing, your breath becomes deeper and your eyes closed. This is what we called as relaxing: deep breath and closed eyes. For a moment we get out of the nervous tension and fly to a wonderful world" said McNabb .

 7. Kissing will increase the sense of self confidence

When kissing, we will be happy. And in the happy times, we will feel good things about our self.
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