How to Make a Nano iPod Cover

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    • 1). Trace your iPod onto a piece of paper for a template. You will need to make the template with twice the length and twice the thickness. The template should have the same width as your iPod; add some room for the flap.

    • 2). Trace your template onto the felt piece. Cut the felt piece, following the template guidelines.

    • 3). Place the iPod in the center of the cut felt piece. Fold the bottom up so that it almost covers the iPod. Pin into place. Remove the iPod so you can straighten the pins and then place back inside to make sure you still have a snug fit. Once you are sure, remove the iPod.

    • 4). Cut any excess felt off the sides and round the corners of the flap by cutting off the edges.

    • 5). Sew the sides of the felt cover together. A buttonhole stitch will work. Remove the pins when complete and turn inside-out.

    • 6). Use the other piece of felt to cut out a rectangle matching the size of your iPod's screen, a circle to match the size of your click wheel and a smaller circle the size of the click wheel button. Stitch them into place onto your felt cover.

    • 7). Sew the top of the snap onto the inside of the flap and sew the bottom half onto the inside flap. Insert your iPod into the completed cover.

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