See Iceland in day and In night

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If the lights could dance, it would be northern lights. Yes, needless to say harmony of colors in the sky, it is like a fairy story or say a film frame. Nature is the most incredible thing in our life I believe. It is so surprising to see how brilliant the lights could be. If you ever be in Iceland, in this fantastic island the first thing you MUST do is to arrange the best time to see the feast of Northern lights.

In Iceland sunset means the beginning of colorful beatiful lights in the sky.Since the lights can not be seen in the day light , people excitedly wait for this moments of the night.

Northern lights can be best seen in winter time and New Year time would be the best time to see this particular light show! Northern lights are also named as Auroras, Galileo Galilei used this term for the first time to describe the lights. Auroras are commonly seen in Polar Regions. The lights are normally between 80 and 120 km and could have different figures such as curtain-like shapes or pulsating globes. They make spectacular figures and colors in the sky that is literally dazzling!

Together with its impressive colorful lights, Iceland is a very picturesque country full of music, art, and delicious food! There Icelandic life welcomes you! Even though recently it always comes to our mind with the Volcano, you should remember in this small country there are so many big things to keep in mind!World-famous singer Bjork is also from Iceland and just like Aurora's her music is bewitching the world.

Listen to Bjork songs and discover Iceland streets! You have to see well-known sculptures and paintings of Iceland .Icelandic music, food (especially fish) and fantastic nothern light show will fill your soul.

When Iceland mentioned you may have an image of small and cold country but believe me if you spend a night to watch the northern lights and spend some days to discover this country and see the pure clean water and beautiful landscapes while listening to cool music and tasting tasty local food, your opinion will completely change.
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