Real Men Boost Testosterone Naturally

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What does it take to be a real man? Is it huge muscles and an ability to fight it out on the street because someone looked sideways at his girl? Is it being brave on the battlefield when fighting some war decided to be important by a government? Is it the size of his bank account that makes a man a real man? Perhaps it is his skill at bedding a new lady every day and night because of his charm, sense of humor and skill on the dance floor.
And perhaps it is not related to any of these things at all.
I posture that real men know how to fess up to a challenge and to push through it.
Real men have a solid level of testosterone for the task, and if not they have the inner strength to get their brain to produce more so that it is available not only for immediate use not, but also for tomorrow and the new day.
A real man is smart, and he knows about how his body and brain operates in tandem to make a difference.
A real man knows how to get done what he really doesn't feel like doing when it needs doing, and the way he does this is when he first starts his day first thing in the morning.
Specifically what I mean is that a real man faces his day squarely and if when he wakes up he feels without energy and vigor, the first thing he does is about 7 minutes of hard and intense heavy weights to force his day back onto an even keel.
The intensity of these weights will make his muscles burn, but within this short burst of seven minutes he has caused his brain to set free a significant amount of testosterone from storage and not only will it be replaced by his testicles over night, it will be replaced in a greater quantity.
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