Photography & Dust Removal Software

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    How it Happens

    • The source of dust on an image occurs from many things. Camera lenses, camera sensors, dust on film and dust during film processing may contribute to dust in a final image.

    Editing Software

    • Most image editing software offers spot removal, cloning or healing tools. These tools remove unwanted artifacts from the image.

    How it Works

    • With most types of dust removal software, the user selects an editing tool to remove the unwanted dust or dirt from the image. One such tool, the healing brush, copies textures from a clean section of the image to heal the damaged section.

    Auto Spot Removal

    • Some software titles use an automatic spot removal function. The user defines certain parameters that select and remove image artifacts like spots and dust. Use this tool with caution, because it can remove more than the unwanted artifacts.


    • When correcting dust or other damaged spots in a photograph, keep the brush strokes short. Long strokes might produce undesirable effects.

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