Publishing Your Book Without Dealing With a Publishing Company

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Publishing your book is the biggest challenge an author faces.
You have worked so hard and so long on your manuscript, you just want the process to be over.
But there are many roadblocks ahead if you plan to pursue a contract with a traditional publisher.
Some only want to work with established authors, and others receive so many manuscript submissions that yours is often tossed aside without ever being read.
This is an uncomfortable truth that authors have to come to terms with.
Before you start thinking that all hope is lost and that publishing your book will be impossible -- there is an alternative approach that I'd like to share with you.
It's called eBook publishing.
That's where you take your manuscript and compile it into an electronic book.
You then market your newly created eBook directly to the people who would have otherwise been buying your traditionally published book.
You're probably thinking that eBook authors get no respect and that there is absolutely no money to be made doing business this way.
While it might be true that eBook authors often work in obscurity, the money that can be earned as an author/publisher is staggering.
How do I know this? Because I've been working as an eBook publisher for a few years now -- and I'm FAR from being broke and penniless.
In fact, I've enjoyed some of the highest paying years of my entire working life as an eBook publisher.
My point is this.
Submit your manuscript to traditional publishers, but also explore the option of publishing your own book electronically.
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