A 4-Day Mexican Cruise - It"s Far More Affordable Than You Ever Though

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Mexico is close by.
A Mexican cruise that lets you experience a great and memorable time, doesn't have to take long - a three day cruise on a luxury cruise liner is often all you need for a great romantic experience out at sea.
Coastal towns in Mexico like the Puerto Vallarta were first made popular in America in TV shows in the 70s like Love Boat.
It's a wonderful and quaint little town that has beautiful mountains, warm beaches,little old villages, beautiful Mexican colonial haciendas and very friendly people.
A three-day Mexican cruise that starts from Puerto Vallarta, will usually take in port calls at places like Los Cabos, at the lower end of the Baja Peninsula and Acapulco.
Los Cabos, is a perfectly romantic beach town that's a well-known for its traditional Mexican cuisine.
Acapulco on the East Coast of Mexico is where you go for some great scuba diving and snorkeling action, and the daredevilry of the cliff divers that the beaches here are known for.
For some of the most fun times to be had admiring the sea life in Mexican waters, you'll need to take a day trip to the island of Roqueta.
They have glass bottomed boats there and you can take a trip for hours of fun.
The great thing about taking a three-day Mexican cruise is that your expenses on the cruise will amount to no more than $100 a day.
There are discounted cruises for travelers on a budget, and you can find great opportunities in shopping, entertainment and sunbathing everywhere on the cruise.
Newlyweds especially, favor the three-day Mexican cruise for how little it costs.
Sometimes, what with the way these are very affordable, entire wedding parties bring their wedding receptions on board.
The eat-all-you-can menus and the romance of the high seas make for the perfect wedding reception setting.
You'll find that a four-day Mexican cruise is often a far better deal than a three-day one.
You get the extra day, and really don't pay a third more.
If you think about it, a three-day cruise does end rather too soon.
Since a vacation is all about relaxing, you certainly don't want anyone rushing you.
Paying for a four-day cruise, you'll even get extra perks on the trip like added savings on your accommodations, and special discounts at the spas, restaurants and at entertainment venues.
Most Mexican cruise trips can be reserved online.
Going through a few customer reviews at the online forms should help you make the right choice for the right time of the year.
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