Bronze & Pottery Gifts

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    Types of Bronze Gifts

    • A case bronze statue or medal can be a distinctive gift. You can also bronze-plate a loved item, such as old baby booties or dance shoes, for a gift. In addition, bronze gifts can include a sculpture. Bronze artwork comes in a variety of shapes and sizes: There are bronze artwork pieces for tabletops and flattened sculptures for framing in a shadow box.

    Types of Pottery Gifts

    • Pottery teacups, bowls, teapots or vases are ideal gifts. Abstract pottery, in sculpture form, is another good pottery gift. You can also give a pottery gift cast in the shape of something related to a hobby or the recipient's occupation, such as a planter for a gardener or a potted cast of a golf ball for the golfer in your life.

    Personalizing Bronze Gifts

    • Personalize the bronze gift by having initials or the family insignia crafted into the sculpture. Another way of personalizing a bronze gift is having it mounted on a concrete or ceramic block. A small plaque can then be added to the mount, with a quote or special message.

    Personalizing Pottery Gifts

    • Weave the gift recipient's initials into the pottery item. One of the benefits of working with pottery is that it can be customized to the recipient's favorite colors or to colors prominent in the person's home or office. Symbols representing the recipient can also be incorporated into the pottery design, making it a highly customized piece.

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