How Does Libra Balance The Cosmic Energies?

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Finding balance in the Cosmic Energies is easier said than done! Here is Libra's secret to achieving that balance. We are bombarded with cosmic energy from the moment we are born. It comes in three cycles, all having negative and positive aspects. The attack can be slow motion (Inertia), high speed artillery (Activity) or a sense of calm (Balance).

Balancing this energy is the key to personal development, the awakening of our dormant virtues and transforming our vices into virtues. Mastering the cycle of energy by controlling the movement from negative to positive, from inertia to activity and then to balance, is the growth process to attain self-mastery.


When we first receive raw or unfamiliar energy, we tend to resist it. Anytime there is a change, something new that we are not familiar with, our first reaction is to be defensive. Often we put up barriers to block the energy.

If the energy coming toward us is too strong, we become overwhelmed and don't know what to do. We stay in the inertia or stagnant state until we can figure out what to do. During this stage, the energy inside of us is not flowing outward but being bottled up inside.

While we decide based on our feelings whether this unknown energy is positive or negative, we try to avoid experiencing its full impact.

As we fall backward into inertia and become stagnant, we actually compress our own energy. If we stay in inertia too long, this bottled up energy implodes inside of us, causing us pain, illnesses and stress.

No matter what it looks like on the outside, inside this energy builds up until eventually the pressure is so great it explodes outward and propels us toward the unknown energy. This is when we find the true strength of the unknown energy or person.

If we move toward the unknown energy or new situation and find it is indeed stronger than us, we fall more into inertia. We may experience fear, confusion or helplessness. We may even fear for our survival, depending on the strength of the energy coming toward us.


Once we move toward the unknown energy and we find that it is not stronger, the bottled-up energy can now be released. We are propelled to the other extreme, which is activity. Hyper-activity might be a better word for it as it is the opposite extreme of inertia. We stay in activity mode until we expel the energy that was compressed or bottled up inside of us.

We're often seen as overbearing and domineering in activity mode. With expelling all the strong energy, will we now become the aggressor, or will we learn how to harness it? If we misuse this energy, then we're just inviting another person to push us back to inertia once again.

Back to Inertia

Often we fall back into inertia again out of pure exhaustion. We move at such a frantic pace while in activity that we can be pushed back by a stronger person with a negative response to our aggressive energy. However, this time we don't fall back as far as the first time. We are able to recover faster since we are more familiar with the new endeavor or person.

Back to Activity

The energy that compressed against our body while being in inertia propels us again into activity. Each successive setback is less and less extreme.

All energy goes through alternating cycles of inertia and activity before coming to balance. This is the growth cycle leading toward self-mastery.


Finally we stop swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other and arrive at the middle point or center which is balance.

We go through this process automatically and often unconsciously every time we encounter newness or change. We go through this test of strength with each and every person we meet. Within seconds, we test each other and decide who is stronger. If we are stronger, then we don't fear that person's negativity and can look for the positive.

On the other hand, if the other person is stronger, we unconsciously look to them to take care of us or take advantage of our weakness.

If we decide they would take advantage or hurt us, we will continuously look for ways to sabotage them or overthrow their strength, no matter how long it takes us. One way is to abandon the person and leave. In this case, we usually concentrate on their negativity and do not look for their positive side.

Only when we feel equal, do we relax, feel safe and in balance.

This cycle of energies applies to everything, whether it is cosmic energy, people, animals, jobs, or virtues. But it's during Libra that we can make the most progress consciously toward balance. Look where you are in the extremes, and deliberately move toward the center.
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