The Best Ab Work Outs

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Burn Fat Fast If you want to know how to get a six pack quickly then you need to know the basics of effective ab work outs.
The fundamentals will never change when it comes to burning fat and how to get rid of love handles which is good for us.
In this article you will discover an effective ab work out that you can do to burn fat and get flat toned abs fast.
This will include anaerobic exercise and muscle building techniques.
Skipping Skipping is one of the best exercises you can do.
Just take a look at a boxers physique.
They have the best abs.
The good news is that if we follow similar workouts then we will also see the same results.
Half the battle of getting a good looking stomach is getting rid of the fat that sits on the top.
We do this by burning it off in the most efficient way possible.
Skipping is a fantastic cardio workout for burning fat fast.
For a complete workout guide see the link at the end.
Bag Work Continuing on from skipping.
Boxercise is also a fantastic workout routine.
It is great for fat burning and toning the muscles.
Any kind of boxing bag can be used and the best routines will mix up different kinds of punches.
This also has the extra benefit of training self defense to.
The best fat burning techniques involve interval training were you mix up the speeds of your work out which is explained in the next page.
Lower Leg Raises To get great lower ab definition lower leg raises are a great exercise.
Ideally this will be done with weights as this will build the muscle faster.
Laying on your back with your legs straight.
Slowly raise them up to 90 degrees hold for a breath and lower them until they are six inches from the floor.
Repeat 10-20 times for 3 sets.
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