Marvel Legends Action Figures and the Wolverine Character

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I love the X Men scene and when X Men toys asked me to take a sneaky peep at what there was on the market - I just couldn't resist.
I figured that there maybe one or two things connected to Wolverine that I would like but hadn't really prepared myself for the onslaught of paraphernalia that there actually was.
Initially I decided to learn more about Wolverine as a character.
Who was this beast of a man? What did his claws signify? And quite frankly what was the real attraction? I soon discovered who Wolverine actually is and what the fuss was about.
Wolverine is a mutant who has the power to have accelerated healing.
This empowers him to have the ability to regenerate damaged tissue.
The speed at which Wolverine is said to heal can vary greatly and is directly proportional to the damage sustained.
He is a mutant possessed with a killer instinct.
His hearing and vision are also enhanced so he can detect anyone a mile off at least! Wolverine brandishes a pair of sharp steel claws.
They are an excellent weapon when he is in combat with others.
Although I have to admit whenever those steel claws slice out f his hands a shiver goes through my entire body.
His entire skeleton is hardened with adamantium and this also makes him an excellent fighter, he is also handy to have on your team as he has extensive experience of explosives and weapons too.
So, with all the interest that this wonderful character creates, I then took a long hard look at what is around on the market.
I found some excellent Marvel Legends Action Figures and bought them back to the x men toys office so we could have a closer look.
These were our initial thoughts.
We absolutely loved the Wolverine Select figure.
A wonderful 6 inches tall replica of Wolverine with a deluxe Weapon X Base too.
The best features of it was the originality of it all.
Or you could get the X Men Origins figures that Marvel have produced.
There are four to choose from too.
The first is a Wolverine Yellow Costume action figure that is taken directly from the comic series.
There is the Logan movie version - Hugh Jackman as Logan in this 3 and ¾ figure! The third of these is Wolverine in a brown costume and the fourth of is Wolverine in his army gear as seen in xmen origins: wolverine.
So you see Marvel have thought of it all.
Not only have they most of the characters as action figures, they have then taken the many faces of Wolverine and produced one to suit every taste.
I may not have known lots when I started this search but as my journey took its toll I discovered heaps.
So many bits of Wolverine on the market, you can buy a Marvel Legends Action Figure of Wolverine or you can buy a bobble head of wolverine, costumes of wolverine in every shape and size and not forgetting the unforgettable claws too.
In conclusion, I have to say that I enjoyed the thrill of learning about the x men and received far more than I gambled when my curiosity of the Wolverine figure took shape.
I hope you enjoyed my synopsis of the Marvel Legends Action Figures but in particular my own assessment of Wolverine himself.
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