Photograph Tips to Take Miniature Effect

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Sometimes see other people's photos is obviously familiar with the real world, but why such a small model of the same? In fact, this is because the photographer used a special lens made into a small model of the real effects. Small model results can be achieved in several ways from, let's not discuss how post-production methods to achieve this effect, and today we mainly discuss how to use special lenses and shooting techniques to model the effect of small photo shoot.

The principle effect of the small model
The so-called small model results, in fact, a very shallow depth of field because of the screen, and we have taken as the model with the macro lens the same feeling. And in fact we all know that when shooting the nikon coolpix s600 battery charger reality of the whole street, the whole building and other establishments, the use of wide-angle lens or on the High and far away shot, is not easy to create shallow depth of field. The shift mirrors or Lensbaby lens is able to cause this effect, because the lens can move the swing. For example LENSBABY front of the lens can be moved to change the light projected onto the sensor point of view, the plane skewed, so that even in the same plane of the scene can also easily create shallow depth of field.

Create a small model of the effect of equipment:

1 tilt-shift lens: the mirror can be made using the shift to small model results, but also to correct perspective or deep depth of field shooting photos. However, the price of the original lens shift is relatively expensive. Vice factory only heard there are two aspects of Russian-made shift lens.

2. Lensbaby lens
There are several different designs of the Lensbaby lens, in addition to easily make a small model of the effect, the simple structure of its lightweight but full of interesting features. Groups and by replacing the lens aperture leaf can be taken out very much like the real model of the effect, also can add a variety of small parts (such as fish eyes, soft focus, etc.), the effect of changes to be different, is a very interesting lens, but the roof Lens Lens accessories, prices were not too cheap. However, if only to buy the lens body + default group is very cost-effective lens.

3. TILT / SHIFT MOUNT: TILL / SHIFT MOUNT is installed in the body of a device. MOUNT install this equipment may be re-shot, what lens to use whether you can shoot a small model of the effect. But the drawback is that not all brands are applicable tilt / shift mount, and Lensbaby factory has produced similar products.

4 shallow depth of field filter: There are a filter can be installed in front of the lens can blur the edges of the screen, the effect is somewhat en-el1 battery pack like a small model of the effect. Advantage of the price is very cheap.

5. Bellows
Another way is to use a "snake venomous snake." "Snake venomous snake" refers to a hose. A connected camera, one-on lenses, depth of field can also change the focal plane. In fact, the snake is a venomous snake was quite popular lens camera design, we can also in some of the old camera shop to see these cameras.

Model the effect of small tips:

Tip one: high-angle:
Find a suitable high ground is very important. Because if the angle is not high enough, on the one hand covering the landscape enough, on the other hand, we see the model is also often the bird's eye perspective. In order to make people look like models, find a nice high angle, whether or old arcades glass roof are a good choice.

Tip 2: take a further step
Do not you want to take away from the target scene, building too close. In addition to this model have been considered very small, we have to consider depth of field factors. Model because the effect would certainly have a very small shallow depth of field, and we certainly do not want our objective fuzzy, so stand far point, hope more, the use of shallow depth of field highlight the subject.

Tip 3: High saturation
Model the effect of many small pictures have very high saturation, high saturation of the color is more beautiful, feel more full, but also a more fairy-tale colors. Many digital cameras now have built-in tone than the saturation functions, If not, the picture style transferred to the landscape, the bright and the like have a similar function.

Tip 4: City theme easier to capture
Than in the countryside, in the city more easy to find off the effect of small models of subjects. Such as government buildings, city landmarks, piers, airports, highways, train stations, etc., are very suitable for the small model the effect of photography subjects. Also, if you want to shoot outside, you can also try to take the camera battery place of human traces, for example, hillside cottages, hiking trails, etc., can make the picture a sense of more models.

Tip Five: Use a tripod
If sunlight is sufficient, in fact, hand-held camera is also possible. But I still recommend using a tripod, because to do TILL / SHIFT operation, if the camera is mounted on the tripod can be a lot safer. Can also use both hands to slowly adjust the angle and depth of field you want to scope.
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