Reasons Why Children Fail to Live Under Authority

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The prevention of children learning to live under parental authority can be caused by many factors.
If the parents do not create a loving atmosphere in the home for their children, then the child will feel isolated, unloved, and will learn to trust on himself or herself.
the infant will sense that something is missing inside their heart and as a result will not submit under authority.
Some children carry the pain of stressful and emotional shocking experiences suffered under the care of one or both parents.
The carelessness of parental guidance and disregard may also result of a child being lonely and separated from it's daily activities.
A child that is treated abusively and harmfully by their parent have a hard time obeying their authority, this leads to the child becoming rebellious.
A child that lives with painful and intolerable parents have a difficult time depending on a loving, caring, and supportive mother or father to take care of them.
There are also other causes in a child's life that can prevent them from submitting to authority.
A parent that gives a child more than they need can result in a child being frustrated and disobedient to the parent.
The child has the idea that just because they are born into a family they have the right to demand anything they want.
If the parent does not learn to say "no" to their infant, frequently raise a child that has a hard time doing what the parent teaches.
Children who are brought up without boundaries, rules, and limits are often selfishly demanding which leads them to develop low moral values.
Overindulged children often grow up as adults with damaged marriages and interpersonal relationships.
The absence of a parent to put his or her arms around their child when they are hurting can result in the child being untruthful.
Many parents experience the shame and guilt about how their children turned out.
They cannot explain why their child is so oppositional and rebellious, there is a good reason for this.
Genetics are one of the reasons why children live out of control and firmly resist the authority of their parent.
Undetermined number of children are hyperactive, need constant gratification, and often go beyond the line.
Parents should not be quickly to criticize themselves when the infant does not comply with them because the problem is mostly genetically determined.
the good news is that a child can learn to live under parental authority and develop rules that will control their behavior.
By applying the correct techniques every mother and father can make a huge difference in the way a child responds to authority.
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