Generac Generators: Choosing The Right Model For You

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Generac is a trusted name in backup power supplies and has been providing industrial, commercial and residential users with generators for more than half a century. If you are in the market for a generator and you want to purchase one from a company that you can count on and a company that stands behind its products and reputation, then a Generac generator is right for you. However, Generac has a vast product line available so there is a generator to meet any need. Your challenge will be to define your backup power needs and to find the right Generac generator model for you.

Choosing the Right Generac Generator

There are several different considerations that must be taken into account as you browse the Generac product line and decide which of the Generac generators is the best option for your application or power needs. Some of these considerations include the following:

* Do you need a portable generator or a permanent, fixed generator?

In industrial, commercial and retail applications, often a permanent and fixed generator is necessary. A permanent generator can provide more power than a portable generator in many cases. It can also be easier to turn on and to get working quickly since it is already fixed in place and ready to provide the power when needed (in some cases, in fact, the switch from utility power to generator power may be automatic).

In residential environments, you will also have a choice between a permanent whole house generator and a portable generator, each of which has advantages and disadvantages (for example, portable generators may be cheaper and can be used for multiple uses while whole house generators will always be there when you need them and can provide more power).

Finally, if you plan to use your generator to provide power in an RV or on a construction site or work site, then youll usually choose a portable generator since it can travel with you wherever you go.

* How much power do you need?

The more power you need, the larger and/or the more expensive the generator will be required. If you are in a home environment, for example, think carefully about whether you are going to want the generator to power the entire house or just the essentials like a light or two, the heating system and the cooking and refrigeration equipment.

* What fuel type do you want the generator to use?

Youll need to consider the types of fuel that will be available to you to provide essential power to the generator when it needs to work. Generac generators can operate using a variety of different fuel types so think about what is most readily available and affordable for you and choose the right generator based on these considerations.

* What is the budget for your generator purchase?

Remember, do not skimp on the purchase of your generator since this purchase is so important. Generac Generators come in a variety of different price points and all are reliable, but youll want to balance cost with other factors including power output when making your choice on which of the Generac Generators is right for you.
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