Period Sex - It Can Be The Best

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Many men and women think that having sex while a woman is on her period is dirty, gross or some other negative thought.
If you believe that then it is not something you should do.
If however you don't do it because you don't know how to make it pleasant, keep reading this article and find out how.
Why would you want to have sex at this time? 1.
This is one of the times when a woman is at her most aroused.
It seems like torture to make this such a hot time and most women are not able to be satisfied.
It will be an incredible bond.
Because you have accepted her when other men may have rejected her, this will form an incredible bond.
It is hot.
Because she is incredibly horny at this time, the sex is incredible.
So now that you are convinced, how do you make it happen? 1.
Find out how she feels about it.
If she doesn't want to do it, don't push.
You will not win this battle.
Find out why she is against it, but don't try to convince her against her will.
Assure her that you don't mind.
Tell her that it doesn't bother you.
But more than that tell her that you have found a way to make it pleasant for both of you.
One of her greatest fears is that you will start and become disgusted and quit.
This type of rejection can be very harmful.
Don't suggest this too soon in the relationship.
This is probably not something you want to bring up on the first date.
Wait until you know each other and are comfortable.
This can be a sensitive subject so it is not surprising that she may be reluctant to try it with someone that she has not built up a measure of trust with.
Don't take too long on foreplay.
A women can get wet very quickly during this time.
Extended foreplay is not needed.
Just make sure that she has enough lubrication to get started.
She will get more lubricated as you go along so that wont be a problem.
Use dark colored towels and sheets.
The sight of blood can be alarming to anyone.
This will minimize the shock for both of you.
You will then be able to focus more on pleasing each other.
Make sure you both shower before you begin.
The cleaner you both are, the more comfortable you will be.
Nice smells and clean bodies are a great way to get started.
There is no reason that you have to stop having sex when a woman is on her period.
It can be an incredible time to bond and enjoy each other.
Just make sure you have a little more planning in the beginning and you will have a wonderful time in the end.
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