Importance Of DoD 5015.2 STD And DoD Records Management

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STD 5015.2 was passed by the Department of Defense in 2002 and it stated that there would be a new DoD Records Management Program that would ascertain responsibility and preservation of records. The directive saw The Department embrace ediscovery, the most effective way of retrieving electronic messages and data to date, for use in civil and legal cases.

By adding ediscovery to the current records management application the DoD has ensured that all the records are preserved and secure. It is used following the guidelines laid down by the Management of Classified Information act and the freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

The data can be extracted legally and this can be of extreme importance during any investigation. ediscovery is extremely efficient, providing not just the precise data as it was sent but also the exact time when it was sent. The DoD 5015.2 clearly states that all records stored shall have capability for date and century recognition, same-century and multi-century formulas and leap year calculations. years can be saved in 4 digits in the system.

Electronic data, which includes emails, text, images, files and all other digital formats, is stored in a coded format that can be decoded any time details are needed. Ediscovery also helps in addressing the preservation of DoD records as the records can now be stored for extended periods.

The DoD also states in DoD 5015.2 that every record should be visible, easy to access and must also be reasonable. In order to attain this goal, all the records are stored in a particular format which requires them to be saved with metadata that describes what is there in every record. This system makes meta-tagging possible for the DoD and also allows the m t change the data in these fields and map them so they can be transferred to other formats. This is in sync with DoD plans of implementing larger sharing of net based data.

The software also allows them to recover DoD records management from databases that are outdated. When this particular program was not in effect it was very tough and time consuming to retrieve data which could be very beneficial in many legal matters.

Ediscovery does a wonderful job of managing the data and information access, but apart from that it also make sure that only a select few can have access to the data. Only people with appropriate authorization can access the data, and every component of the file has a distinctive identifier. These identifiers are used to attach file parts to other associate parts and to higher level parts.

ediscovery is a great tool that allows DoD officials to keep track of any information that might have been shared over the course of an investigation.
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