How to Upgrade Memory in a Dell Latitude C600 Laptop

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    • 1). Shut down the computer by pressing the "Start" button on the desktop and choosing "Shut Down." Allow the computer to turn off completely.

    • 2). Disconnect the power cable.

    • 3). Remove the externally mounted components from the computer.

    • 4). Locate the battery in the left bay in the front of the computer. Press the battery release latch on the computer base and slide the battery out of the bay.

    • 5). Turn the computer over and ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface or wearing a wrist grounding strap.

    • 6). Locate the large, square-shaped memory module compartment in the center of the computer base and extract the two screws on it.

    • 7). Remove the memory module compartment cover. You will see at least one memory module installed. If there are two, choose one to remove, or you can replace both. To remove a module, move on to the next step.

    • 8). Spread the retainers on each side of the memory module and pull the module straight out of the port.

    • 9). Insert a new module into the port at an angle and press it down until the retainers lock into the notches on each side of the module.

    • 10

      Replace the memory module compartment cover and insert the screws to secure it.

    • 11

      Turn the comptuer over and replace the battery, the power cable, and the external devices to finish the procedure.

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