Small Irritating Habits Can Break a Relation

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Researchers have found that some irritating habits, however small, may cause the other person to irritate and break the relation.
It might be living the cap open of toothpaste or it might be she takes lot of luggage on holiday.
It may be some ones babyish behavior or how he put his hand in hair.
Therefore according to them, we should take care of our irritating habits.
Scientist is of the view that these small habits can drag our relations, if repeated regularly or remain unchecked.
These habits may cause a reaction similar to allergy.
According this study published in US journal, the emotional response triggered those annoying habits increases in intensity more and more if they are repeated.
As par the study conducted by university psychologist, that couples who report more fault with each other are less likely to stay together.
These allergies or behaviors that cause negative emotion are like pebbles in the shoe.
The first response to allergy is to produce small negative response, but repeated act of this may cause increase in the negative response and become stronger with the time.
Same repetition sensitivity response to emotion behavior occurs in partner to the unpleasant behavior of other partner.
Increased sensitivity occurs because annoyance at an act is added to it repetitions.
This study is entitled "Social Allergies in Romantic Relationships".
This is a part of ongoing research.
The object of study is to understand the role of different emotions on the love relations.
Therefore to live a happy life with our partners, we should avoid these kinds of behaviors
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