How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer & Lime at the Same Time

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    • 1). Purchase a soil testing kit from your local county extension office. Dig a 6-inch hole in your lawn for soil samples. Mail the dry samples to the laboratory's address provided on the testing kit. Wait roughly three weeks for the results. The results will indicate how much lime to use and the type of fertilizer to apply.

    • 2). Water your lawn for three days before distributing fertilizer to prevent the nitrogen from burning the yard.

    • 3). Pour pelletized lime pellets in a drop spreader. Avoid using more than 50 lbs. of lime on a 1,000-square-foot area. Roll the spreader across the yard as if following an imaginary line back and forth.

    • 4). Fill the drop spreader with granular fertilizer or broadcast the fertilizer by hand. Follow the imaginary line or the path of lime pellets to get an even spread with the fertilizer.

    • 5). Water your lawn thoroughly to dissolve the lime pellets and prevent the granular fertilizer from burning the grass.

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