Identity Theft - The Problem That Just Won"t Go Away

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Identity theft is serious, and it's something that every individual, business, nonprofit, and government agency must be concerned with, it's up to YOU to take responsibility to protect yourself and learn what's needed to secure your data, banking information, passwords, personal information, and transactional processes.
Do not expect the "Cloud" or the government to protect you.
In many cases the government is one of the largest collectors of information and all too often this information is public record or easily attainable, in other cases the unthinkable, the government computers are hacked and the hackers collect personal information.
Nearly, every large corporation has been infiltrated at one time or another and lost data, most large companies report attempted hacking attacks on nearly a daily basis.
The US Military notes that someone tries to infiltrate its computers every minute.
Are you scared yet? You should be, and just because you think you are little peanuts and no one would want your information, think again.
You are not safe and you must pay attention.
I hope you will consider this article your starting point to learn more, and to protect yourself, and your computer systems.
Also, don't be naïve to think that all those apps you are using on your smart phone or tablet are automatically safe or don't also require some due diligence as well.
Today, there are so many ways to steal information thieves rarely go through the trash anymore to collect bits and fragments to hijack your banking and financial records, today, the hackers seem to be able to get into nearly any computer system, even some of the most secure corporations and agencies on said planet - if they aren't safe, you surely aren't.
And if you've been lucky so far, congratulations, but don't continue your bad habits or lax security thinking your luck won't run out, it may have already and you don't even know it yet.
Today, identity theft has surpassed all other crimes, even the illegal drug trade, so we are talking about 10s of billions of dollars, some of your dollars included if you don't wise up and protect yourself.
This is your wake up call, the next move is your choice, you can do nothing until one day your identity is stolen, or you can act now and secure your data, and information so that you will not have it stolen.
Please educate yourself and think on what I've said here today, your financial future may well depend on it.
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