The Physical, Mental and Moral Benefits of Golf for Kids

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Engaging in sports is very beneficial to children, which is why parents and teachers should encourage every child to do so. However, not all sports are very appealing to kids. Some kids may want to engage in contact sports, while others prefer the less violent types like chess or bowling.

One non-contact sport that your kid will surely enjoy is golf.
Aside from having to experience this prestigious game, there are many other benefits of playing golf for kids.
For one, golf provides them with much needed exercise. Apparently, when your kid walks the whole golf course, he or she is walking more or less 5 miles. This walking alone is a good exercise for the body and for their overall health. It would even be better if you let them carry their own golf bag for added resistance, which helps build strength. By doing so, they are burning more calories, avoiding your kid from becoming one of the millions of obese children in the world.

While walking the golf course, children will also be able to enjoy being outdoors. This helps to instill a love of nature among them, teaching them to be more environment-friendly individuals. Aside from that, kids also learn how to appreciate the beauty of nature - the lush green fields, swaying tall trees, and serene surroundings.
Golf is also a relaxing game despite the competitiveness. As such, it can help to relieve the stress that children feel in their schools. This is especially true for children who study long hours, that is in school and after school academies. Golfing is a great way to relax and unwind, and even children need these things from time to time.

Another benefit of golfing to kids is that it helps them to form bonds with other children. This teaches them how to interact with others and thus foster camaraderie at a young age. Nobody can play the whole golf course alone. That is why you need to pair your kids with your friend or neighbor's kid whenever they play. Wouldn't it be nice to see your kid joking and laughing with another kid while enjoying a competitive, yet non-threatening game?

There are also the moral benefits of teaching golf to kids. Golf is actually considered to teach children honesty. This is because nobody in the golf course (except when it is a pro match) keeps your score but you. In addition, nobody will follow you through the trees just to make sure that you didn't hold and adjust the ball before you hit it. Aside from that, golf also teaches discipline to children. Children learn that in order to improve their game, they must practice, which then teaches them discipline. This is another good character that your kid should learn early on.
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