Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers: Get One Today

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Freelancers often work on an hourly basis. With this kind of set up, it is important that they track their hours accurately so that they get to be paid precisely the exact amount due them. Freelance tools such as time tracking applications make certain that this happens. This tool provides features that are truly of great benefit to users. Some of these features include:

1. Timer
Time tracking applications provide multiple methods to help track down time faster and easier. Some software features manual time recording while others offer automatic.

For manual time recorders, a time entry needs to be filled. Entries represent time €" start, pause, and finish. Users have to note the times and the duration tasks took in order to get a definite record of hours spent. If a user does not want to be bothered with this, a timer can be used instead. This feature makes tracking time easier as it gives the user freedom to delegate his time. A prompt will automatically flash on the screen to remind the user that the set time has elapsed. The user will then have to decide if it's time to stop or resume the timer.

2. Invoice/Billing
A billing manager application feature is available to produce records of work hours. Users just have to fill in the hourly cost of a particular project or task and the application will compute the bill noting the number of hours worked on. Prices can be entered using two or three decimals so that a more accurate bill is made.

Invoices can be created using this app, too. Since there are pre-formatted templates for invoices that include a lay-out and the company's logo, this tool helps save time. Plus, a professional-looking invoice gives a good impression. What's more! These invoices can be electronically mailed to the respected clients. Moreover, the billing manager app displays which account had not been settled yet. Status of invoices can be marked as paid, unpaid, or overdue.

3. File Sharing
With file sharing, a member gets to access pre-assigned or public files and documents and distribute digital information as well. The peer-to-peer sharing capability makes it easier to assign and manage tasks since one project could be assigned to multiple members.

An effective freelancer becomes even more with the help of tools like time tracking apps. These apps make one's job easier and more convenient. Why not get one today and see the difference.
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