How to Reclaim Your Achievement Diary Rewards

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    • 1). Complete all the tasks needed to claim the reward. Tasks in RuneScape are usually fairly mundane activities, such as collecting items, battling enemies and completing quests. To get a reward, you must accomplish a set number of tasks at a given difficulty level (easy, medium, hard, or elite). For example, in the Varrock section of the Runscape world, if you complete all 19 of the "easy" tasks, you receive Varrock Armor 1, and if you complete all 21 of the "medium" tasks, you receive Varrock Armor 2. The number of tasks needed to acquire a reward is listed in your achievement diary.

    • 2). Make note of the person you need to speak with. To get your reward in Runescape, you must speak with the computer-controlled character who possesses the reward. This is because trades and transactions in Runescape take place only between characters. When you complete all of your tasks, a message in your chat box will provide you with the information on the character you need to speak with. Write the name down to make sure you don't lose it.

    • 3). Look on the world map for the location of the person. The location will be provided in the chat message; however, you will need to consult the world map to find out how to get there.

    • 4). Speak with the person who has your reward. This is a computer-controlled character, not a human player, so the character will be where the chat message said he would be. The character will provide you with the reward willingly. A brief dialogue takes place after which you will be asked whether you want to claim the reward. Say "yes." You now have your reward.

    • 5). Complete additional tasks to upgrade rewards. Through you cannot "reclaim" lost rewards in the sense of reacquiring them from the character that gave them to you, you may acquire the abilities associated with a lost item by completing tasks to obtain the upgraded version. These additional tasks can be found in your achievement diary. Some achievement rewards can also be purchased from vendors.

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