How To Manage Your Spring To-do List

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Most people are ready for spring by the time February and March roll around. Winter is exciting at first, the idea of snow-covered trees and the white pure landscape. However, after a few beautiful snows, and a cold dry spell winter loses its bloom. Days are short and dreary and being cooped up inside gets boring. Everyone is ready for the season of re-birth. It is time of year when the spider mites, and little bugs to start invading their houses again. You know it is time for a change when you are welcoming a spider mite invitation. So, with spring on the way to-do lists also tend to arise. Getting thin, getting clean, starting new projects, etc... Here is some advice on managing your pre-spring workload and doing it successfully.

First on most moms or homeowners' lists is some level of spring cleaning. It is easy to get messy and lose track of organization. Humans go into their own little hibernation of sorts. When your cold and just want to snuggle up or lay around, cleanliness can be thrown out the window into the snow. Well, the first step to spring cleaning is prioritizing. Pick the things that will make you feel the best to have clean to tackle first. Closets and bedrooms are good places to start, because they are where you spend a good amount of time and having them clean and organized makes life easier and run smoother. Once you get something good in order, you will want to continue while you are still on a roll and the rest will come in stride. Do not make it a duty or something you have to do, make spring cleaning something that is therapeutic and will make you feel energized and reborn like spring.

Getting in shape is generally the same mindset. Once you get going, it will be easier to continue with the process. Everyone knows that it is easy to pack on the pounds in the winter. With all the holidays and the weather, eating is like a winter past-time. Working out is dreary because no one really wants to walk out the door some days! However, getting a gym membership or doing home workouts will solve that problem. The upside to a gym membership is that paying for something will give you more incentive to get up and go. Home workouts are good for people who are not as comfortable working out in front of people or who are on a tight budget.

When trying to get fit for spring and summer, take your time. You can go on a crash diet or workout craze and expect to be done in two weeks. Make a lasting change in your diet habits and incorporate more physical activity into your life every day. Slowly but surely, you will get closer to your goal. Also, when setting goals you have to be realistic. Know your body type and the way you metabolize food and figure out a healthy and attainable goal. Not everyone is meant to be or can be a size four.
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