Some Reasons Why Online Dating Is So Popular

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It may or may not surprise you to find out that one of the most popular types of sites on the internet today are online dating sites. It seems that the market for love will never run out. It is a large market too; there are almost 100 million single people in the United States that are over the age of 45. Of this group, almost two out of five of them are single.

Imagine that this translates to almost 40 million people just in this demographic alone! As the average age of our population gets older, this group will continue to get larger and larger. Imagine what this will mean for online dating websites; they are already growing at an incredible rate and the number of users appears to be going up.

There are some interesting statistics about who is using the web for online dating and just how many people are doing it these days. In a given one-month period in 2003, 26 per cent of people Americans that were online went on to dating websites during that time. When you consider the total number of people on the web in the United States then it is still a staggering number of people.

There are many factors that draw people to online dating. Not only do many people consider it safer because you get a chance to learn a little about the person on the other end of that email or chat, but it is also more convenient that anything that has come before it.

Apparently, the ladies are more likely to use online dating sites, with some statistics stating that over seventy per cent of women have had an online romance. The numbers are not as high for men but still over fifty per cent of the boys are looking for a love interest online.

The success rate is pretty high as well, with about one third of people that have engaged in online dating having translated those relationships into a dating situation.

This is a growing industry, but it is already well established on the internet. The total revenue for online dating services is currently over $300 million annually. Not only that but the number is increasing every year. In fact, the number increases by over 150% every year.

Within the age group of 19 to 45 years, there are over 83 million that indicate that they would engage in online dating. The potential advertising revenue generated from this amount of participants is staggering.

In a one-month period in 2003, more than 40 million people visited online dating sites. Some current estimates put the percentage of adults in the United States using online dating sites at about half.

Many people have found success on these sites. Somewhere around three per cent of users indicate that they have found lasting relationships through these sites. At the same time, there is caution advised as there is in any kind of dating forum; as it turns out, about 40% of people using online dating sites are married.
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