Come on, You Don"t Always Need to Learn From an Article, Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

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I like to bother my son at times.
You know, play with his mind, it really cracks me up sometimes.
He was always very protective of me when he was younger; usually protecting me from myself.
For instance, if we were in a Wal-Mart, I would intentionally try on a pink ball cap, and he always pulls me aside and is very embarrassed.
"Men do not wear pink, Dad!" He is so passionate about it, and it looks like he gets a headache every time I pull that one.
One day we were in Canadian Tire, it was a while back when they had their toilets and sinks on display on one wall in the store.
Well, I saw that from a distance and asked Jon if he knew where the bathroom was, because I had to go really badly...
He of course was looking all around for the washroom for me.
I yelled, "Never mind, I found it.
" And proceeded quickly to the display toilets and stood in front of one and pretended to unzip my pants.
Well, he came running as fast as he could and his face was red, and in a loud whisper said, "DAD, Noooooo, you can't pee in those, they are for sale!" And I of course explained I was sure that it was alright, and why would they put toilets here if they weren't meant to use.
He of course was beside himself now, and said, "Someone will see you, come on let's go ask someone where the bathrooms are!", as he pulled me away by the pant leg.
I really did almost pee my pants just trying to hold back my howling laughter as he doggedly, dragged me out of that store...
once again he appeared to be suffering from a powerful headache - that would be me! So what does this have to do with anything? Not a darn thing, just having some fun in front of the computer...
I let my son read this and he almost fell out of the chair.
It's good to laugh; laughter is the way to "true love!!!" Ok, so maybe you did learn something, maybe you already knew, laughter is the way to true Love, that would be as in closer to God.
It is all fun, it was meant to be.
Besides it just feels good.
Create Great Thoughts - With No Regard to Logic.
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