Major Symptoms of Depression

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Knowing and accepting that one is suffering from the dreaded 'D' is often the biggest obstacle for treating it.
Hence a clear understanding of the symptoms is imperative.
To quite an extent, symptoms depend on the age, socio-economic background and sex.
For example the indications of a teenager affected by this ailment, are very different from those of a 50 year old businessman.
Feeling low and upset in life's challenges is expected, but these feelings should not be allowed to persist over a long period of time.
When these notions get so overwhelming that they keep you from having a normal, energetic lifestyle; then its time to seek professional help.
Left unsorted, these symptoms can be dangerous to the point of being life threatening.
The major symptoms are: 1) Crying repeatedly, for no particular reason.
2) Staying Indecisive and confused regarding simple matters.
3) Insomnia, waking up unusually early, hyper-insomnia 4) Overeating or lack of appetite 5) Self loathing - detesting oneself to the extent of inflecting physical harm.
6) Loss of interest and focus on the day to day activities.
7) Feeling weak and lethargic all the time, including early mornings 8) Vague aches and pains.
9) Suicidal thoughts 10) Irritability and hypersensitivity 11) Feeling pessimistic and helpless, like all is lost and every day will lead to increase in suffering.
Suicide and depression are coherently related.
The feeling of being worthless and a burden on the family or loved ones can lead to suicidal intentions.
Do not hesitate to seek help immediately if you are continuously haunted by thoughts about death and inflicting self harm.
If you notice someone continuously talking about dying, saying good byes unnecessarily, giving away precious possessions and explaining death as a relieving experience, sound the alarm bell and get them to see a mental health professional.
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