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Although I've stated over and over that I don't do production work, my family is encouraging me to enter the world of craft fairs, offering the projects that I make most often. Of course, they aren't offering to help me create these items, but the encouragement is nice just the same.

I'm a quilter that is fully immersed in the world of machine embroidery. In fact, embroidery has added a whole new dimension to my creative efforts. When quilts and pillow cases used to be my favorite projects, now I create much more variety. Purses and totes, decorative towels, and more are found strewn around my sewing room waiting for the finishing touches from one of many machine embroidery designs.

I'd be lost without my favorite online embroidery design gallery! They offer such a variety of designs, embroidery supplies and patterns that I am never without something new to create. Now, of course, I'm on the hunt for fresh ideas and my favorite designers are not letting me down!

When I first began my journey with machine embroidery, most of the designs were still pretty traditional. But, very soon, there were new and exciting ideas being presented almost daily. Instead of just pretty florals or cute baby designs, I had my pick of fantastic free-standing lace, 3D projects of all sorts, and even the option to embroider on shoes and even balsa wood! Lots to learn, but it has been so exciting!

And, of course, I don't have time to create all the new embroidery patterns that I discover. So, the bigger problem with preparing for a craft fair will be to narrow down my choices. Oh, it's just not fair! I want to do it all!

There are fun makeup bags that include installing the zippers during the embroidery process! Then, there are yards and yards of lace edgings that can be stitched to add to another project. Or, I can create little pouches or pillows for that lost tooth or to hold gift cards. The options are so varied and fun!

If I choose to go my more normal route, there are beautiful floral edgings that are wonderful for pillowcases, towels and even skirt hems. These types of embroidery designs are perfect for creating matching sets, and smaller versions can even be stitched on grosgrain ribbons. Delightful!

No matter what I eventually decide to do, I know that I'll have fun doing it. Machine embroidery is such fun and really helps me to be creative. Without that creative outlet, my life would be quite dull. When a project is going well, I feel like I can take on the world!

I may not be able to jog or do aerobics like I once did to release cleansing endorphins, but I can stitch embroidery designs which create the same feelings in me. My softball days may be behind me, but my fellow fiber artists are my team members now as we cheer each other on. Let's hope that my choices will create a craft fair homerun!
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