Organizing a Jam Session

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Jam sessions have to be held somewhere...
in a home (think garage) or in a building that is used for civic events.
Jam sessions can be held out of doors.
Sometimes churches will allow parishioners to use fellowship hall facilities.
The bottom line is that you need a site where there are plenty of electrical outlets as well as bathroom facilities.
There are two basic kinds of jam sessions.
There are 'open jam sessions'.
Open jam sessions are open to anyone who wants to join.
There aren't any rules or regulations.
It's the musical version of a free for all.
'Closed jam sessions' are by invitation only.
Usually one person (you) takes charge of providing a venue and inviting the players.
There is always a set time for beginning and sometimes but not always a time that it will end.
Information about open jam sessions can usually be found at your local music store.
Open jam sessions are an excellent way to meet other local musicians.
You can find out who the good players are.
Closed jam sessions are most often facilitated by open jam sessions.
When you are organizing a closed jam session you will want to choose only one drummer and one bass player.
Make sure that these players have excellent timing.
Practicing to bad timing will help you to form bad habits that will be very hard to break.
You can choose several guitar players or fiddle players or steel guitar players or sax men or other lead instrument players.
Someone was in Nashville and asked how do I get to the Grand old Opry" They were told: "PRACTICE, Man, PRACTICE PARCTICE!"
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