Connecting to your higher self.

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I thought i would offer and share some of my musings and experiences with the energy known as the higher self. As the name suggests it is an awareness of self that exists in the more ethereal regions of consciousness.
We are all connected through the energy of the universe and this is why our thoughts and emotions are so important. If you are seeking knowledge from the universe it is a wise thing to try and silence the mind and look within.
The higher self understands what the logical mind cannot comprehend in this physical human experience. Through meditation i have found a great many techniques for just simply quieting the mind, relaxing and communicating with my higher self. Once you can do this and build up the light and love levels of your consciousness, then an inner peace begins to act with an inner knowing of deep knowledge within. These are simply my interpretations of my own experiences.

We limit ourselves by the rational ego mind but i can tell you there is alot more to us than we have been led to believe.

I think more than ever on the planet it is important for people to realize the way in which the universe functions. The way in which we are all the same, not different. There are cosmic laws which govern all life in the universe, in order for consciousness to grow and learn with love. Our human experience in this dimension is just one of the many learning environments we must overcome on our journey back to source.

Hopefully we are reaching a point now where we are able to see a unity with all life and put aside the hurt and illusion of separation.

Through connection to my higher self i have felt my internal dialogue change. I pay attention to my thoughts because i know what i think and feel has an effect on my reality. So positivity, friendliness and love really can change our world. If you can cooperate with cosmic laws then you are living in tune with existence and will deepen you knowledge.

Love and light for Earth

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