LCD TV Comparison

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Over the past few decades, the television market has had some remarkable advancement, especially in television technology. LCD television was one such technological leap for television market. One of the main advantages of LCD TVs is it is very efficient in reducing the need for a surplus bandwidth as they are built with the advantage of a digital video compression. The high definition LCD TV sets are considered as really a technological marvel in the television market because of their space friendly design, their impeccable display and the splendid resolution. Even though the price of the LCD TVs is significantly higher as compared to the CRT TVs, they are sold more in number as the experience of watching LCD TV is much richer.

The success of HD LCD TVs lies in them providing its users many benefits. As compared to the normal CRT TVs, the need to channel tuning to achieve clarity is eliminated. This was mainly achieved in the LCD TV by replacing fine tuning with flawless crystal display. Also, the digital television signals replaced the satellite broadcast which made the television viewing a much better experience. When the first set of LCD TVs rolled out, it was just a plasma display but this soon was turned into high definition display.

As compared to the CRT TVs high definition LCD TVs have lots of features which help the consumer have a better television viewing experience. The picture quality is the standout difference and this is probably the number one reason for LCD TVs being so much liked. The thinness also is another winning feature as it can be wall mounted and this saves a lot of space and when they are located creatively, these also add beauty to room interiors and also to the viewing experience. The contrast ratio of the light which is emitted from the diodes is outstanding. In fact the resolution provided by these much sought after TVs is actually 10 times more than their analog signal driven TVs.

There was a lot of hype about plasma TVs but now, these have give way for LCD TV domination of the television market. LCD TVs fare better with better color display and also in being brighter than plasma TVs. And when the room is well lit, plasma TVs look dim where as LCD TVs look much brighter. The biggest advantage of LCD TVs over plasma TVs is the availability of innumerable sizes that fit not only most of the budgets, but most of the wall as well. For a large room, LCD TVs of 60 inches can be a perfect fit. For small rooms though, 26" LCD TV []s can be ideal. There are great brands to look out for, like the Samsung LCD TV []s, LG LCD TV []s, etc.
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