How to Tackle Bullying at School

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    Recognize Bullying

    • Up to 50 percent of children do not report when they have been bullied by a peer, states Evidence of bullying can include missing belongings, damaged clothing, physical complaints, low academic performance, limited social interaction, reluctance to attend school and unexplained injuries.

    Empower Kids

    • Parents should encourage children to remain calm when a bullying incident occurs and to state in a clear, loud voice for the bully to leave them alone, but not to fight back, according to "Stop Bullying Now!" at says teachers should "support the bullied child in a way that allows him or her to regain self-control, to 'save face,' and to feel supported and safe from retaliation."

    Prevent Further Incidents

    • Both parents and teachers should follow up after a bullying incident is reported. Teachers should be sure that consequences for bullying happen immediately after the incident occurs and that school rules are clearly stated and logically connected to these consequences. Make bullies aware that they are being watched and that any incidence of bullying will not be tolerated.

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