Loneliness and the Adage of Single Hood

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It's a Friday evening.
You arrive at your place really exhausted, ending a week that has been demanding, stressful and melancholic, where you have been spending long hours which have given you absolutely no time to give the weekend a thought, leave alone planning any event.
Thus there you are, alone, tired, just anticipating boredom, clear isolation as well as doing some internal errands and a few house duties.
This is the face of single hood, which is devoid of viable dating.
Unlike in the past generations, modern singles are now in the habit of delaying any signs of marriage as they pursue education advancement and serve demanding careers, mostly in places which are very far from the area they were either born or grew up.
For example, a census carried out in 2002 depicts this picture, where in terms of marriage; it was found out that the median years of marrying for males have rose to 26.
9 and 25.
3 as the prime time of women for a first marriage.
This delay in marriage has effected a lengthened period of the time between single hood and marriage, making individuals who after relocating due to school issues or careers, have to devise new methods of meeting their needs that pertains to dating, intimacy and familial sharing.
For more than twenty years, this new way of living has been rising.
As the societal rules and norms change as a result of divorce, the desire to marry at the attainment of a certain age where one has discovered himself or herself, and the emergence of a new kind of sexuality have rooted themselves in the society.
The current old singles who are in their late 30's to about 55 were the ones regarded as the pioneers towards this new arrangement.
This people had paradigms in the form of those individuals who had been involved in early dating and marriages immediately after their high school years or after completing their college degrees.
In this society, marriage was an expectation as well as the road which all marriage-thinking people thought compelled to follow.
For the ones who never married early, a life of single hood has fallen short of its promises.
It is a fact that they have succeeded in terms of their career, own homes and reached enviable levels of freedom and financial stability, but in terms of their lifestyle, the matter is vast as they come.
These singles believe in the notion that a suitor will just happen devoid of dating, once they are through with their professional and educational goals.
Instead, an imbalance that now characterizes their lives has resulted, leading to them being left to struggle with immense loneliness.
And this has not changed either.
Many elements from this generation has found another title for themselves, workaholics, and that they attempt meeting their needs through absolute success in all their work, as they sought to neglect their personal and social lives.
Most of the modern singles seem to relive their parents lives, but with a slight difference.
Since values of placing their careers and education first were inculcated in their early years, they now embrace the belief that one must not enter into a dating or marriage union until they are able to satisfy their own needs first.
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