How to Use Jealousy to Get Your Ex Back - Here is a Dirty Trick Which is Proven to Work

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If you have a passionate ex partner that can quickly get jealous and want him/her to come back into your life with a vengeance then jealousy is a powerful weapon that can used effectively against him/her.
Here are 3 tips on how to use jealousy to get your ex back...
Tip # 1 - Chart out your devious plan.
Instead of just flirting randomly with an unknown person and further complicating your life, get a close friend to act out the entire sequence of events to get your ex into a jealous rage.
Chart out each move in great detail so as to maximize the effect.
Plan your move at any party where your ex too would be present to witness both of you in simulated action.
Tip # 2 - Get your counterfeit date to call you.
You can also raise the hackles of your ex by remaining within his/her earshot while asking your new 'date' to call you on your mobile phone.
You can now start murmuring sweet nothings into your mobile while your ex squirms uncomfortably in the background.
You can also become bold enough to send your ex a naughty message and then apologize by saying that it was actually meant for your new 'date'.
Tip # 3 - Pump up your body and mind.
During this time make sure that you also visit your favorite spa, gym, salon or any other place to get your body toned, your hair cut and styled, and your outlook polished.
When your ex sees your improved version, he/she will automatically attribute it to your new 'date' and this will completely burn him/her up with jealousy.
Your ex might now try to pry you away from your 'date' and once you get together again, then you can safely spill the beans.
These 3 tips will surely get your ex into a jealous and passionate rage and will induce him/her to try to get you back by any means.
Play your jealousy card judiciously and watch your ex thunder back into your life.
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