Sex Techniques For You and Your Woman to Enjoy!

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I am sure you are interested in learning new sex techniques that would make you a better lover.
Almost every guy is interested in becoming a better lover.
The confidence you get from knowing that you are satisfying your woman in bed is amazing.
The amount of information that is available to you is enough to last you for a very long time.
There is no need to be shy when it comes to the issue of having better sex.
Why limit your sex life to only the missionary sex technique in your bedroom when there are so many sex techniques and positions that you and your woman can enjoy.
Try these tips, and you will be glad that you did.
Set The Mood Right: First off all you must make sure that you set the mood right to have passionate sex with your woman.
Take your woman for a lovely romantic dinner, a walk at sunset or whatever activity that you and your woman view as being romantic.
The moment you get home, offer your woman a glass of wine or whatever drink they would prefer to help them relax.
As your woman is relaxing, go to the bathroom and put on some slow music, light some scented candles and start your bath or shower running.
Start The Action Proper: Next thing for you to do now is to bring your woman into the beautiful and romantic environment that you have made.
Start kissing your woman and slowly remove each other's clothes.
Kiss and caress your woman's body and then get into the water with her.
Continue kissing her as you wash every part of her body.
Pamper Your Woman's Body: Right now begin to kiss, caress, fondle and lick each of your woman's pleasure hot spot.
The aim is not to quickly end the whole love making session but to build her level of excitement so she would be able to achieve explosive orgasms.
When you and your woman do these tips you would be amazed at how enjoyable and exciting they are.
I am sure you would also want to learn more sex techniques that you can use to drive your woman wild in bed.
But did you know that 8 out of every 10 women prefer men with bigger penises to guys with small ones? It is easier for a woman to achieve orgasm when having sex with a man with a bigger penis than a guy with a small or average one.
Are you looking for a way you can permanently enlarge your penis without having to undergo surgery? Using natural penis exercises would give you a bigger penis.
Engaging in these natural penis exercises for a couple of months would give you a stronger, longer and thicker penis.
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