Hookworms in Dogs

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Hookworms in dogs is an infection otherwise known as ancylostomiasis.
Hookworms is one of the most dangerous endoparasitic infections, distressing the dog's gastro-intestinal tract.
A typical lifecycle of hookworm lasts for about 3 weeks and has different features.
The infection begins in dogs when the young hookworm larvae enter through the dog's oral route or after penetrating the skin.
The transmission of these larvae can be also occur from the mother via the placental path or via the mother's milk.
Later, they enter the blood flow and make their route to the intestine.
After a short while, these larvae become adults.
Adult hookworms join with the intestinal wall by their hook-like looking mouth that contains a structure of teeth.
These worms are mostly blood-suckers.
Female worms can produce over 30,000 eggs in each day.
The eggs gradually hatch in the outer environment and increasingly develop into a larva, which will already be capable of infecting other dogs.
Hookworms in dogs can be identified with a microscopic test of a stool sample.
Any evidence of hookworm eggs indicates an infection.
Adult hookworms are hard to detect in the feces as these worms are truly small in size.
Hookworm infection causes chronic anaemia.
Symptoms include harsh weight loss, dry skin, pale appearance, dull-colored hair and blood with stools.
A severe case of hookworm disease can be deadly for the pups.
You can find a number of medicines used for the cure of hookworm infection such as febendazole, mebendazole, dichlorophene and febantel.
In case of little pups, blood transfusion may be required with de worming to keep him alive.
Hookworm infection attacks mostly the new born puppies.
But, it is very much possible to control dog's hookworm infection by following certain defensive measures.
Strict hygienic situations should be kept in the surroundings of the dog.
It is important to have your dog de wormed on a regular basis.
Feces should be disposed of promptly in an appropriate place.
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