Be Healthy - Learn the Benefits of Wheatgrass

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An agricultural chemist named Charles Schnabel conducted an experiment in 1930: in an attempt to revive his ailing fowls back to health, he fed them freshly cut grass.
The experiment was a success, but that's not it.
The newly rejuvenated hens also produced eggs at a higher and faster rate compared to other healthy hens.
Schnabel then duplicated the experiment on his family and neighbors, giving them powdered grass to supplement their diets.
After some time, the study yielded the same results.
From then on, the benefits of wheatgrass became known to man.
If there is one thing apparent in Schnabel's experiment, it has got to be the invigorating effect of wheatgrass on living organisms.
Wheatgrass, the young grass of the common wheat plant, is known to have properties that can make a super dietary supplement, thus is usually juiced or dried into powder for consumption.
If you are following an alkaline ash diet, it will benefit you to include wheatgrass as part of your daily food regimen.
While alkaline-based foods counteract the harmful effects of acid in your body, wheatgrass conditions your blood to a nearly perfect state: it cleanses blood, increases red blood cell count, restores the alkalinity of blood, and, by widening the blood pathways, reduces blood pressure.
As such, your body's enzyme systems and metabolism are stimulated.
Moreover, wheatgrass can also help correct issues of indigestion and obesity.
It, too, relieves peptic ulcer, diarrhea, constipation, and other diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.
The benefits of wheatgrass are meant to support the advantages you get from eating high alkaline foods, and then some.
Wheatgrass can detoxify the body, protect your liver, strengthen your cells, and, thanks to the amino acids found in it, keep the body from carcinogens.
It fights tumors and neutralizes toxins, too.
Since wheatgrass comprises 70% chlorophyll, it is considered an effective body builder.
And while providing your body great structure, it also aids in controlling your weight.
Some studies show that wheatgrass absorbs 92 (out of 102) minerals from the soil.
Because you get every nutrient you need, your cravings (which often lead to overeating) are curbed.
The benefits of wheatgrass are not limited inside the body; they can also be felt outside.
Once externally applied on the skin, wheatgrass can help rid itching and can be an effective balm for sunburned skin while doubling as a disinfectant.
It can also help heal cuts, insect bites, rashes, scrapes, sores, and boils.
Meanwhile, applying it on your hair before shampooing can help mend damaged hair and cure poor scalp conditions.
Finally, gargling it with juice can freshen your breath and firm up your gums.
If that's not a powerful health booster, then what is?
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