Eliminate Ants With Ant Pest Control

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In New Jersey, there are all sorts of possibilities of pests that want to invade your home or business. The thing to remember is that the pests have invaded for a reason, usually food, shelter, or water. Often, the way to get rid of pests involves cutting off the source of whatever they are thriving off of. New Jersey pest control can help you eliminate these pests, not just from your home, but with the idea of keeping out altogether.

When it comes to ants, they may not be as damaging as termites, or as irritating as mosquitoes, but they can still be a special kind of pain. There are several types of ants, and while some ants can bite or sting people, most simply make for an unattractive lawn, infest the home, or contaminate food. To see why this is the case, it's important to remember that our homes offer everything an ant might need to survive. Condensation around windows and leaks provide water. Rotting or decayed wood can provide nesting grounds (as well as those lovely mounds seen on sidewalks), and those crumbs we forget to sweep off the floor or clean off the counter is a source of food.

Ants find their food by using scouts to forage at random. Once food is found, other worker ants will follow the scent trails left by the scout in order to retrieve more food or water. They can travel over a large distance, so from your house to the yard is of little concern to an ant.

If you've found that you do have an ant pest control issue, then there are several ways of eliminating the problem. You can use a number of natural ant control techniques to get rid of these pests, or you can hire an exterminator in NJ. Ways to control ants involves locating the ants' nest, then treating the outside and interior walls near the infestation with a residual. In order to find the nest, it often helps to follow their food trail.

One way to effectively deal with ants control is to treat their nest. Dust can be puffed into the nesting grounds and can be traced back to the nest by worker ants foraging for food. It is a lasting form of residual control. Another option is bait, but you'll want to choose one specifically meant for getting rid of ants. There are several kinds of baits, including liquids, gels, granular, and pre-packaged stations. Any of these can be effective, so long as they are placed near the food trails. Other techniques involve drench or injection treatments, but these are used on ants that live outdoors.

If you find that you need help controlling the ants, calling a New Jersey Pest Control company can help you get started on the right track. Meanwhile, keep your food locked away in containers ants can't get into, and start tracking the location of their nest. You may need to put out a jelly or oil that will attract ants but can be traced back to their home. There's a number of places they might dwell, including tree stumps, under rocks, walls, insulation, or even near foundations.
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